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Counseling - English Language & Critical Thinking - AA

Counseling - Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts: Communication in the English Language & Critical Thinking

The Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts with an emphasis in Communication in the English Language and Critical Thinking provides students the opportunity to develop knowledge and understanding of the form, content, context, and effectiveness of communication. Students will develop proficiency in oral and written communication in English, examining communication from the rhetorical perspective and practicing reasoning and advocacy, organization, and accuracy. Students will practice the discovery, critical evaluation, and reporting of information, as well as reading, writing, and listening effectively. Students will also will understand logic and its relation to language; elementary inductive and deductive processes, including an understanding of the formal and informal fallacies of language and thought; and the ability to distinguish matters of fact from issues of judgment or opinion. Critical thinking skills and self-understanding through these courses provide a framework for lifelong learning in written and oral communication and offers students a breadth of knowledge that could be focused into single discipline degrees as well as applied to an interdisciplinary degree.

Program Learning Outcomes
  • Students will comprehend and analyze written and oral information effectively.
  • Students will use language as a tool for logical thought, clear and precise expression, and critical evaluation of communication.

To earn this degree, students must meet the following requirements: 
a. Completion of 60 degree applicable units with an overall GPA of 2.0. 
b. Completion of a minimum of 18 semester units in the major with a grade of C (or P) or better. 
c. Completion of the Associate in Science graduation requirements.

Core Curriculum Courses (Required): 

Select a minimum of 18 units from the approved CSU GE-B Area A. Include courses from at least two different disciplines. These courses emphasize the content of communication as well as the form and should provide an understanding of the psychological basis and social significance of communication. Students will be able to assess communication as the process of human symbolic interaction. Students will also develop skills in the areas of reasoning and advocacy, organization, accuracy, reading and listening effectively. Students will be able to integrate important concepts of critical thinking as related to the development of analysis, critical evaluation, to reason inductively and deductively that will enable them to make important decisions regarding their own lives and society at large

Required Units for the Major

Required unts for the major 18.0
plus completion of general education requirements
and electives as needed to reach 60 units.
Total required units 60.0
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Career/Transfer Opportunities

The program is intended for students who are considering transfer, but have not decided on a major; students who are required to complete a degree for job promotion; or students who may wish to further their education and are considering a major that is interdisciplinary in focus.

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