Vocational Nursing - AS

Associate in Science in Vocational Nursing

The licensed vocational nurse is a member of the health care team and works under the direction of a registered nurse or physician. Students who desire to earn an Associate in Science in Vocational Nursing must complete the college graduation requirements. Classroom theory consists of 10 to 12 hours per week. Approximately 16 hours per week are spent in clinical experiences and three hours per week in clinical simulation. Students must achieve a score of 75% or higher in all core courses and a C or better in all other courses in the program. Upon completion of the program, students are eligible to apply for the national licensing examination (NCLEX-PN).

Enrollment is limited. Students may obtain information from the Mission College website, under the Nursing/Health Occupations link, for information-session dates, application process, required courses, and recommended courses prior to entry into the program. Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a counselor for additional information and clarification. There is no recency requirement for required courses; however, you are held strictly accountable for knowledge of their content.

It is highly recommend that you refresh your knowledge of these subjects if you took them more than five years ago.

Program Learning Outcomes
  • Students will use the language of the profession of nursing to communicate appropriately using verbal, written and technological methods.
  • Students will critically analyze relevant information in the utilization of the nursing process, applying principles of evidence-based practice as needed.
  • Students will demonstrate personal and professional growth.
  • Students will successfully complete all requirements for eligibility to apply for the Psychiatric Technician licensure and pass the national examination.
To earn this degree, students must meet the following requirements:
  1. Completion of 60 degree applicable units with an overall GPA of 2.0.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 18 semester units in the major with a grade of C (or P) or better.
  3. Completion of the AS Graduation Requirements, CSU GE-B or IGETC.
Required Prerequisite Coursework & Certification
Code Class Units
BIO 022 Anatomy & Physiology for Allied Health Workers (3.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 4.0
HOC 020 Introduction to Professional Health Care (0.5 Lecture) 0.5

Students must provide proof of current California Nursing Assistant certification and BLS-CPR certification. Students must have completed ENG 908 or the equivalent, or be eligible for ENG 001A, prior to enrolling in the program.

It is reccommened that HOC 028, NTR 040/NTR 015 and PSY 012 are completed prior to starting the program.

Major Requirements for the Vocational Nursing Degree

Admission to the program is required prior to enrollment in these courses. Students are strongly encouraged to complete all General Education requirements for the Associate's degree prior to beginning the required courses for the VN program.

Semester 1 (18.0 units)

Students can take an honors or non-honors psychology (PSY) class.

Code Class Units
HOC 022 Patient Nursing Care Fundamentals (1.5 Lecture) 1.5
HOC 023A Beg. Medical-Surgical Nursing Theory (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
HOC 023B Beg. Cognitive Disabilities - Mental Health Theory (1.0 Lecture) 1.0
HOC 024 Pharmacology A (1.0 Lecture) 1.0
HOC 025A Fundamentals Skills/Simulation Lab (1.0 Lab) 1.0
HOC 026A Beg. Clinical Practicum (5.0 Lab) 5.0
HOC 027 Nursing Process and Communication (2.0 Lecture) 2.0
HOC 028 Care of the Geriatric Patient (1.0 Lecture) 1.0
PSY 001 General Psychology (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
PSY 001H General Psychology - Honors (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
Semester 2 (15.5 units)

Students can take either nutrition class (NTR)

Code Class Units
HOC 032 Care of Obstetrical and Neonatal Patients (2.0 Lecture) 2.0
HOC 033A Int. Medical/Surgical Nursing Theory (2.0 Lecture) 2.0
HOC 033B Int. Project-Based Medical/Surgical Reasoning (1.5 Lecture) 1.5
HOC 034 Pharmacology B (1.0 Lecture) 1.0
HOC 035A Int. Nursing Skills/Simulation Lab (1.0 Lab) 1.0
HOC 036A Int. Clinical Practicum (5.0 Lab) 5.0
NTR 015 Human Nutrition (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
NTR 040 Nutrition and Disease (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
Semester 3 (17.0 units)
Code Class Units
HOC 042 Care of the Pediatric Patient (2.0 Lecture) 2.0
HOC 043A Adv. Medical/Surgical Theory (2.0 Lecture) 2.0
HOC 043B Advanced Project-Based Medical Surgical Reasoning (1.5 Lecture) 1.5
HOC 044 Pharmacology C (1.0 Lecture) 1.0
HOC 045A Advanced Skills/Simulation Lab (1.0 Lab) 1.0
HOC 046A Advanced Clinical Practicum (5.0 Lab) 5.0
HOC 047 Leadership and Professional Practice (1.5 Lecture) 1.5
PSY 012 Human Growth and Development (3.0 Lecture) 3.0

Required Units for the Major

Required unts for the major 50.5
plus completion of general education requirements
and electives as needed to reach 60 units.
Total required units 68.5
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Career/Transfer Opportunities

The licensed vocational nurse is a member of the health care team who works under the supervision of a registered nurse or physician. Employment opportunities for the licensed vocational nurse following licensure include sub-acute and extended care facilities, convalescent and rehabilitation institutions, home health agencies, and ambulatory care clinics.

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