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AA/AS Graduation Requirements

AA/AS Graduation Requirements

Mission College will confer the Associate in Arts (A.A.) or Associate in Science (A.S.) degree upon a student who successfully completes requirements listed below. Graduation requirements (Major, Competency, and General Education) are listed in the College Catalog at the time studies begin. Those requirements may be followed throughout the course of study as long as the student remains in continuous enrollment which is defined as enrollment for at least one regular semester, summer session or winter session each academic year. If a break in attendance occurs, the graduation requirements shall become those listed in the College Catalog which is current at the time studies are resumed. 

Requirements Notes
1. Residency Requirement A minimum of 12.0 degree applicable units must be completed at Mission College.
2. Scholarship Requirement An overall grade point average of 2.0 in 60.0 units of work reflected on all college transcripts.
3. Major Requirement Fulfill a specialized major as listed in the college catalog with a grade of "C" (or “P”) or better in each major requirement.
4. Basic Competency Requirement Proficiency in Reading, Writing, Oral Communication, Mathematics and Information Competency.
5. Area Requirment (General Education)

Complete a minimum of 24.0 units from Areas A - F, plus additional courses to meet unit requirements.


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Reciprocity Agreement: Students completing all of the general education and graduation competency requirements at a participating college (Chabot College, De Anza College, Evergreen Valley College, Foothill College, Gavilan College, Los Positas College, Ohlone College, San Jose City College and West Valley College) will be given full credit for having completed the Mission College general education-graduation requirements, including reading, writing, oral communication, mathematics, and information competency.