Service Mechanic Certificate

Apprenticeship: Service Mechanic Certificate

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Certificate in Service Mechanic Apprenticeship

The certificate requires successful completion of 33.5 units of course requirements and 2000 hours of related work experience.

Graduates will be eligible for a Certificate of Completion, a Service Mechanic Apprenticeship from the State of California Department of Industrial Relations, Division of Apprenticeship Standards.

In addition, graduates qualify for a Certificate of Completion, Automotive Technician Specialist (Service Mechanic) Apprenticeship from the US Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration, Office of Apprenticeship.

Graduates are employed as Service Mechanics, an entry-level maintenance mechanic position in the mass transit field. A Service Mechanic working at a transit agency can train and promote to Transit Mechanic or Overhaul and Repair Mechanic as the next step in the maintenance mechanic career path. The Service Mechanic can also apply for a wide range of other transit occupations, if qualified.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will demonstrate the skills needed to perform minor repair, inspection, and lubrication of public transit vehicles.
  • Students will assist transit mechanics and/or other journey level maintenance mechanics in more difficult mechanical maintenance work.
  • Students will interact effectively with a diverse community of coworkers in order to meet and exceed service delivery objectives.

Students must complete the minimum required courses with a grade of C (or P) or better.

Required Courses
Code Class Units
TRN 201 Service Mechanic: Orientation & Safety (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 202 Service Mechanic: Tools & Fasteners (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 203A Service Mechanic: Electrical/Electronics 1 (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 203B Service Mechanic: Electrical/Electronics 2 (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 204 Service Mechanic: Air Brakes (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 205 Service Mechanic: Transmission (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 206 Service Mechanic: Diesel Engine (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 207 Service Mechanic: Hybrid Familiarization (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 208 Service Mechanic: I/O Controls (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 209 Service Mechanic: Preventative Maintenance - PMI (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
TRN 210 Service Mechanic: Overhaul & Repair Orientation (2.5 Lecture) 2.5
Code Course Units
WRK 300TN Work Experience for the transportation industry 6.0
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Units Required
Total Required Units 33.5
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Career/Transfer Opportunities

Career opportunities for qualified persons entering the public transit industry are very diverse. Depending on the student’s career interest and courses taken, coach operator graduates find employment as coach operators, light rail operators, dispatchers, supervisors; and are eligible to transfer to other public transit careers such as maintenance, scheduling, or information technology (IT.)