Mechatronics - AS

Associate in Science in Mechatronic Technology

Mechatronic technology is an interdisciplinary field that combines the study of mechanics, electronics, automation, and computers. The Associate in Science in Mechatronic Technology is designed to provide students with knowledge and skills required for a variety of positions in the following industries: Advanced Manufacturing/ Semiconductor, Electrical/Electronics, Mechanical/Quality, Transportation/Logistics, Electric and Hybrid Vehicles, Medical Equipment, Biotechnology, Aerospace/Defense, and Construction. The program includes a wide range of skill-builder courses.

Program Learning Outcomes
  • Students will integrate electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems and devices. 
  • Students will demonstrate written and verbal communication skills through technical documentation and oral presentations.
  • Students will troubleshoot and repair electrical, electronic, and mechanical systems and devices.
To earn this degree, students must meet the following requirements: 
  1. Completion of 60 degree applicable units with an overall GPA of 2.0.
  2. Completion of a minimum of 18 semester units in the major with a grade of C (or P) or better.
  3. Completion of the AS Graduation Requirements, CSU GE-B or IGETC.


  • Requirements here apply to the current catalog year and are subject to change.  Visit DegreeWorks in My Mission Portal to view requirements based your catalog year.
  • Not all classes are offered each semester.

Core Required Courses: 

Code Class Units
EGR 025 Engineering Graphics and Design (3.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 4.0
MTT 010 Introduction to Technology and Careers (1.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 2.0
MTT 012 Electronic Systems Measurement and Troubleshooting (1.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 2.0
MAT 001 College Algebra (4.0 Lecture) 4.0
MAT 002 Precalculus and Trigonometry (6.0 Lecture) 6.0
Plus at least 10.0 units from the following electives
Code Class Units
MTT 020 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) Process Control Systems (1.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 2.0
MTT 022 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Robotic System Components (1.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 2.0
MTT 030 Electrical Motors and Control Systems (1.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 2.0
MTT 032 Microcontroller Systems (1.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 2.0
MTT 034 Fluid Power Systems (1.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 2.0
MTT 040 Analog Circuits and Semiconductor Devices (1.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 2.0
MTT 042 Digital Logic Systems (1.0 Lecture/1.0 Lab) 2.0
MTT 050 Digital Manufacturing (1.0 Lecture / 1.0 Lab) 2.0

Required Units for the Major

Required unts for the major 22.0-23.0
plus completion of general education requirements
and electives as needed to reach 60 units.
Total required units 60.0
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Career/Transfer Opportunities

Career opportunities include the following: robotics technician, field service technician, industrial maintenance technician, engineering technician, electromechanical technician, research and development technician.