Communication Studies - Certificate

Communication Studies Certificate


Communication Studies - Certificate of Proficiency

The Certificate of Proficiency in Communication Studies is designed for students who successfully complete ten or more units of communication course work at Mission College.

The importance of interpersonal communication and intercultural communication, small group and team skills, and public speaking training cannot be emphasized enough in providing the fundamental skills for successful personal and professional activities.

This certificate will not only enhance the student’s chances of being selected for a job, but it may also open doors both professionally and personally. Skills learned will increase understanding, ability to communicate with other people, and give the necessary material to build bridges with other people.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Students will identify, explain, and apply theories about the communication process as they relate to a variety of audiences and contexts.
  • Students will create and implement effective communication strategies to orally deliver a message appropriate to the context.
  • Students will identify, analyze, and evaluate their own verbal and nonverbal messages as well as those of others in a variety of contexts.
  • Students will research, analyze, and critically evaluate reference material to support the development of communication competence.

Meet the Following Requirements
  1. Complete all required certificate courses with a C (or P) or better.
  2. Complete at least 1/3 of the program courses at Mission College to establish residency.
  • Requirements here apply to the current catalog year and are subject to change.  Visit DegreeWorks in My Mission Portal to view requirements based your catalog year.
  • Not all classes are offered each semester.

Required Core Courses: Select One (1) Course

COM 001H and COM 020H can be used in lieu of COM 001 and COM 020

Code Class Units
COM 001 Public Speaking (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
COM 020 Argumentation and Debate (3.0 Lecture) 3.0

Plus at least 7.0 Units from the Following 

Note: If COM 001 and COM 020 are both taken, one can be counted for the Core Course and one for the additional units

Code Class Units
COM 004 Small Group Communication (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
COM 008 Interpersonal Communication (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
COM 012 Introduction to Intercultural Communication (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
COM 015 Fundamentals of Communication 3.0
COM 019A Communication Activities: Interviewing Skills (1.0 Lab) 1.0
COM 001 Public Speaking (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
COM 020 Argumentation and Debate (3.0 Lecture) 3.0
Units Required
Total Required Units 10.0
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Communication Degree Careers
Career Outlook
Skills Needed
  • Public speaking
  • Problem solving
  • Decision-making skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Presentation
  • Ability to think on your feet
  • Writing and editing
  • People skills
  • Creativity
Select Jobs in the Field
  • Broadcasting
  • Consumer affairs
  • Public relations, marketing and journalism
  • Advertising
  • Education
  • Government, politics & law
  • Human resources
  • Negotiations
  • Customer Services
  • Recreation
  • Management & Recruiting
  • Community/ international affairs