ESL for Childcare (Noncredit) - Certificate

ESL for Childcare (noncredit) - Certificate

This program in English for Child Care equips students with essential English language skills they need in order to communicate at the low-intermediate level with and about children. This includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills as well as parenting and child care skills.

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Program Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will respond adequately to spoken language appropriate for mid-beginning to intermediate level learners and use common concrete vocabulary to speak about and understand topics related to young children and their care.
  • Students will read dialogs, stories, and articles suitable for the level and will write simple sentences and paragraphs using vocabulary common in this context.

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To earn this certificate, students must complete the minimum required courses with a grade of C (or P) or better.

Core Curriculumn Courses (Required):
Code Class Units
NCE 920EC NC ESL for Child Care: Intro (NONCREDIT) 0.0
NCE 930EC NC ESL for Child Care: Health and Safety (NONCREDIT) 0.0
NCE 940EC ESL for Child Care: Ages and States 0.0
Units Required
Total Required Units 0.0
Total Required Hours 160
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Career/Transfer Opportunities:

The ability to write accurate sentences and paragraphs is required in order to place into the credit English program, to successfully complete college-level coursework, to improve employment skills, and/or to reach personal goals.