Non-Credit Community Health

Non-Credit Community Health Worker

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Community Health Worker (C)

NCH-001CW: Introduction to Community Health Work (NONCREDIT) (Min Credits: 0.0)

Advisory: CAP 010A and CAP 062B This is the first of a three-course sequence leading to the Community Health Worker Certificate of Completion. This course introduces students to the role of the Community Health Worker, the types of client and agencies with whom the Community Health Worker works on a daily basis, and the basic concepts of public health practice.

NCH-002CW: Introduction to Chronic Disease Management (NONCREDIT) (Min Credits: 0.0)

This course addresses chronic health conditions (also referred to as chronic illness or chronic disease), the leading cause of illness and death in the United States. Community Health Workers (CHW) often work closely with clients who live with chronic conditions. Topics include basic information about the types of chronic conditions and techniques for their management.

NCH-003CW: Externship for Community Health Worker (NONCREDIT) (Min Credits: 0.0)

This externship will give students an experiential learning opportunity to enhance their academic and professional skill sets. Students will learn and understand the duties of a Community Health Worker in a professional setting, and contract for a minimum of 54 hours at an externship placement. Students must complete the first course, NCH 001CW. The next course NCH 002CW can be taken with NCH 003CW externship. (Note: Any student can take both NCH 001CW and NCH 002CW in one semester or summer, then take the NCH 003CW Externship next semester.)