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Older Adult - Noncredit Courses

Older Adult - Noncredit Courses (H2)

The following courses may or may not be available each semester. Please search below for current offerings.

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Degrees/Certificates offered within program:

NCO - Noncredit Older Adult

NCO-1611: Older Adult Art (NONCREDIT) (Min Credits: 0.0)

This non-credit course explores art, crafts and creative artistic expression. Practical skills using a variety of artistic techniques are highlighted. Cultural, seasonal and holiday themes are emphasized in the production of arts and crafts items for personal use, sale or gifts.

NCO-3900: Senior Preparedness (NONCREDIT) (Min Credits: 0.0)

This non-credit course expands the student's knowledge of economic, social, governmental, historic, geographic, and cultural issues. Students also expand communication skills as they expand knowledge of world, national and local issues and become better informed community members.